Studio Manager

job purpose

The Studio Manager is responsible for the overall operations of the studio, management of the FOH and Service teams within the studio and complete management of all targets and revenue streams. He/she bears ultimate accountability for the safety, success and profitability of the club.

Reports to
Main Duties
  • Oversees the FOH team to achieve 100% of sales revenue, monthly recurring payments & net gain budgets. 
  • Oversees the New Member Induction Process with a view to increasing member retention. 
  • Monitors the hiring, onboarding, and scheduling of all studio staff. 
  • Manages the Service Team to ensure all equipment and facilities are always fully functional. 
  • Ensure that Monthly/Weekly Schedule are being followed by all staff and monitors staff time management
  • Attends Members Concerns/Complaints within 48hrs. 
  • Manages all aspects of Health & Safety within the facility, ensuring a safe environment for all guests.
  • Manages the Rota of every department, ensuring the club is always covered and fully manned. 
  • Manages cleaning and hygiene standards to achieve overall member satisfaction 
  • Oversees and approves all financial aspects: petty cash, till float, marketing material, consumables stock, retail, deliveries. 
  • Enforces the uniform policy and code of conduct consistently across all departments. 
  • Conducts daily, documented meetings with FOH and Service teams. 
  • Conducts company specific training, or any training that is required to upskill staff to extract maximum
    performance from them. 
  • Empowers, monitors and evaluates specific responsibilities of FOH and Service teams. 
  • Manages all aspects of customer service to achieve maximum member satisfaction including member service calls and face to face feedback
  • Is responsible for the overall profitability of the club, managing revenue and expenses to achieve a positive EBITDA. (Earnings before interest, depreciation, amortisation and tax) 
  • Petty Cash Management – daily petty cash update report and petty cash request top up to be sent weekly to Accounts. 
  • Ensure all cash and valuable items in the club are secured and locked   
  • Keep a record for issuing cash to staff against expenditure receipt.  
  • Managing DSR Cash Report and submit to Accounts weekly.
  • Mall permit requisition for maintenance works in the studio.
Key Skills
  • Possesses impeccable leadership qualities with the ability to motivate staff to achieve maximum results. 
  • An eye for detail, being able to identify weaknesses within the business and implement internal systems
    to turn weaknesses into strengths. 
  • Displays a high level of organizational skills to be able to coordinate all departments to create a fluid
    team driven towards a common goal. 
  • A calm and approachable character with whom staff and members can have open dialogue with. 
  • Displays advanced knowledge of all the operations of a health club. 
  • Possesses a natural ability to identify and maximize new revenue streams and marketing opportunities
    within their catchment area. 
  • Extremely well presented i.e., excellent verbal and written communication, neatly groomed,
    professionally dressed.