Strenght Training

The Transformational Power of Strength Training for Women’s Empowerment

Once upon a time, the thought of a woman doing strength training would have been absurd. Weight training was the domain of men, and muscles or strength were deemed unladylike. Thankfully, times have changed, and these ridiculous notions are a thing of the past. Ladies are now blessed with state-of-the-art facilities for women’s strength training in Dubai, no more so than at Platform Studios’ clubs. Women everywhere are discovering the myriad empowering benefits that a strength training routine can bring to every facet of their lives.


Should a Woman Start a Strength Training Routine?

The answer to this is clearly a resounding yes! Strength training involves forcing muscles to work against an opposing force such as free weights, resistance bands, or your own bodyweight. This then causes tiny amounts of stress to the muscle tissues, necessitating they adapt by building new, stronger tissue. As well as greater, stronger muscle mass, bones, ligaments, and tendons are also strengthened and reinforced.

The physical changes brought about by strength training bring a multitude of physiological benefits to the body. Bone density is improved, while blood pressure and cholesterol measurements are brought down. The added stronger muscles protect surrounding bodily structures from injury, reducing pressure on joints and any associated pain, especially later in life. The impeccable posture weight training requires is sure to have a beneficial impact on your posture in your day-to-day life, too.

For most women, modern life is all go, and keeping up can often feel challenging. Splitting our time between our duties at work, chores at home, and in the garden, while running around after children. It can be exhausting just thinking about all that, let alone fitting in hobbies and socialising as well!  And as we age, our diminishing strength and muscle mass can make keeping pace even harder. The improved fitness and stamina that strength training brings can help us breeze through our daily duties, and still have energy for fun in our free time.

Psychologically, too, the benefits of a strength training routine are plentiful. As well as lowering stress and cortisol levels, a weight training program will certainly boost your confidence. Being physically strong and self-sufficient is so empowering- not needing to ask for help lifting things brings a surprising amount of pride! Female strength training fans frequently describe feeling less vulnerable, and immeasurably more self-assured- like invincible superwomen even! The sense of accomplishment felt at lifting weights you previously couldn’t manage gives a sense of achievement week after week.


Does Strength Training Make You Bulky?

No, strength training will absolutely not make you bulky unless you deliberately create that look with exercises intended to increase mass. The bodybuilder physique takes a lot of careful, targeted work to achieve, and isn’t the result of a generalised strength training routine. You can use weights to change your body shape though. While exercise can’t target bodyparts for fat loss, increasing muscle mass in specific areas can certainly take you from pear-shaped to hourglass!

An increase in muscle mass also works wonders for helping to maintain a healthy body mass and composition. A better muscle-to-fat ratio means that there is less stress on your organs and heart, improving cardiovascular health. What’s more, muscle burns calories even when at rest, boosting your metabolism, meaning it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight.


Given it delivers such physical, mental, and lifestyle benefits, it’s a wonder strength training hasn’t been a go-to workout for women for longer. In terms of empowerment and improvements to confidence and self-esteem, it can’t be beaten. Why not seize the day and contact one of our expert strength training instructors to get started right away?