Lara Bogdanovic has over 9 years of teaching experience in Yoga and Reformer Pilates and is dedicated to sharing her love of movement and helping individuals achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

Lara officially began her fitness journey by delving into meditation and discovering Ashtanga yoga. Since starting her career in fitness, Lara has been amazed by the connection between breath and movement and its positive impact on the body and mind.

For Lara, fitness means constant learning, knowledge, and curiosity about the body and is a centre point for a healthier and more balanced life. She encourages healthy alignment, precision, and movement that combines strength and flexibility, leaving you energised and vibrating high for the rest of your day or night. Eastern traditions inspire her yoga classes, while her Reformer classes feature a mix of electronic, afro, and Latin beats.

Join Lara in her classes to push beyond your limits and discover your best and most powerful self. Let her help you create change and achieve long-lasting results through the power of movement.

the joy of exercise
Explore a world where workouts are exhilarating experiences. Uncover the joy in every stretch, pulse, and lift as you embark on a fitness journey that goes beyond the ordinary.
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