Maha Kasseb

Maha is an Egyptian fitness enthusiast born and raised in Abu Dhabi. With 7 years of experience teaching various classes, Maha’s ultimate passion lies in HIIT and rhythmic cycling. Her addiction to these disciplines is evident in the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every class.

For Maha, fitness is more than just a job—it’s a lifestyle. Witnessing the satisfaction on her client’s faces as they achieve their mental and physical goals is incredibly fulfilling for her. With a love for music with sick drop beats, Maha creates an electrifying atmosphere in her classes, filled with fun, motivation, and positive energy. While the workouts may be challenging, Maha promises to push you to your limits and bring out the best in you. Get ready to experience an exhilarating journey with Maha that will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished.

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