Introducing MJ, a dynamic fitness coach hailing from Tunis. With 2 years of teaching experience, MJ brings a fresh perspective to the fitness scene.

Currently specialising in cycle, HIIT, and boxing, MJ’s classes are a fusion of intensity and excitement. He believes that fitness is more than just a physical endeavour—it is an opportunity to impact others’ lives positively. By spreading joy through music and exercise, MJ aims to inspire and empower individuals, helping them discover their true potential. When it comes to music, MJ’s classes are a mix of all your favourite hits, remixed to keep the energy levels high. Expect a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that encourages you to push your limits and have fun. Join MJ for a fitness experience that blends flavour, energy, and fun, and embark on a journey towards a stronger and happier you.

the joy of exercise
Explore a world where workouts are exhilarating experiences. Uncover the joy in every stretch, pulse, and lift as you embark on a fitness journey that goes beyond the ordinary.
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