With nearly eight years of personal health and fitness devotion, Sadie knows how to turn a workout into an experience.

Prepare for a dynamic blend of HIIT and Boxing in Sadie’s classes. For her, fitness is more than a routine – it’s a liberating experience. She finds solace in how it makes her feel, and she’s on a mission to share this joy, motivating and inspiring others to move physically and mentally. Her classes are a dynamic fusion of high-intensity intervals, powerful boxing moves, think-high energy, killer tunes, and a full-body sweat session. Now for her beats, expect a mix of R&B and House music to keep you grooving throughout the session. Sadie’s sessions aren’t just about sweat; they’re about unlocking.

the joy of exercise
Explore a world where workouts are exhilarating experiences. Uncover the joy in every stretch, pulse, and lift as you embark on a fitness journey that goes beyond the ordinary.
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